The Sharing culture (from society to economy)

The human society has come a long way in the culture of sharing,

From sharing knowledge, through writings on oracle bones, papyrus, paper, to books and manuscripts,

To sharing your information and data on the Internet,

To sharing news updates and your life story, from Friendster/MSN to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,

To sharing accommodation via Airbnb

To sharing car rides, Uber, Grab, and now,

even sharing bike rides on Ofo, Obike and Mobike.

I suppose that, generally, it is human nature to share stuff with others, be it food, ideas, or even secrets (not sure why though).

The human tendency to share things, can be good or bad, depending on intent and impact.

For example, when sharing about your life on social media, your intention might have been to share the joy (if it’s something positive) or sorrow (if it’s bad news) with network of friends and followers, usually to garner some sort of (positive) response from readers/viewers. Yet, sometimes the response may be lukewarm, or even discouraging. This would run counter to the response you had expected. This would be an example of how your actions could backfire on you. Another point I wish to add is that, at times, there are unintended effects of your act of sharing. With the same example of sharing the happenings in your life on social networks, you may have unwittingly exposed your personal details online, which might be visible to strangers. You might not be willing to share such personal information but you realised that you have already done so unknowingly.

So good intentions, but negative impact.

Conversely, sharing, with ill intentions in mind, may at times yield positive impact.

For instance, when hate speech by bigots surfaces on online social platforms, netizens come together to condemn intolerance and discrimination. Inflammatory rhetoric meant to sow discord between communities, brought people together to stand against marginalisation and for inclusion instead. Instead of causing social disharmony, the airing of exclusivist views provoked a response – by the very people the views were targeted at – in the form of the strengthening of social unity.

So, sharing, with its merits and drawbacks, is something to be treated with caution, as it is a double-edged sword. The effects could swing both ways. And of course, sometimes, there could be both positive and negative effects simultaneously.

The consequences of sharing do not solely depend on the intentions of the originators; it is dependent on the way/method by which the sharing is done, the context of the sharing, and society’s perception of such sharing as well.

But elaboration on those would come another day (if I could even remember to write about it).

All in all, I have observed that the trend of sharing increases over time, and becomes more diversified with technological advancements. As we can see from the rise of the Internet, of Facebook, of Airbnb, of Grab, of oBike, and of Wikipedia, the modern economy is powered by sharing, and I believe it would continue this way, at least in the next couple of decades.

Sharing encourages collaboration, discussion, teamwork, and mutual learning. This is the cornerstone of progress and thus a right direction for both the society and the economy.


Birthdays. 21. 2017.

1996-2017 (21)

09 December (2017)





A 21st Birthday does not only commemorates the person becoming a year older – and naturally assuming – a year wiser, but also one’s coming of age, in which one becomes a true adult in the modern sense, shedding child-like characteristics and having to face the realities of the real world, and stepping into society on one’s own.

I find celebrating birthdays a joyous and meaningful occasion, because it is the birth of the ones who are close to you, that actually shapes your life experience. It is his/her birth 21 years ago, which actually made getting to know him/her a possibility, thus allowing for friendships to even start in the first place.

Friendships, to me, are probably the most important possessions in this world, aside from kinship (which I had always taken as a given).

It is, what one has to be sincere to build, to be true to strengthen, to be dedicated to maintain.

The drifting apart of old (and formerly close) friends is a crisis, the end of a true friendship is a tragedy, while the fading away of friendship is a slow and painful process of death.

Despite having drifted apart from some of my closer classmates in primary school and high school, there are those tenacious ones which have weathered through years of intermittent contact, parting of ways in academic pursuits, and expansion of social circles.

I am fortunate to have such friendships, and I am determined to protect them at all costs.

My closest homies from HI school (almost are sisters rather than bros) has all turned legal this year (the last one to turn 21 with effective from this very day as I write).

They say your secondary school friends would be your closest friends for life, and a friendship of more than 7 years will last a lifetime. I have always believed in this saying, and this is probably the first of what keeps me going in the face of adversity, knowing that the very friends I cherish would always be with me, no matter where we are, what we are doing, or how old we may be.

As we start our 21st year of life on Earth, I wish my homie’s today (you-know-who) a Happy 21st Birthday.

May 2018 be a year of more wonderful birthdays and better friendships!!


Needs and Don’t (need)

I don’t need romance; I need Friendships.

I don’t need wealth, I need health (to create wealth).

I don’t need injustice; I need equity.

I don’t need sympathy; I need empathy.

I don’t need sadness; I need happiness.

I don’t need pessimism; I need optimism.

I don’t need fury; I need energy.

I don’t need frustration; I need to be calm.

I don’t need I or YOU; I need WE.

I don’t need heat; I need warmth.

I don’t need despair; I need hope.

I don’t need deadlines; I need time.

I don’t need to feel the dark, I need to see the light

I don’t need to be distracted; I need to be focused.

I don’t need to wait for things to happen; I need to make things happen.

Just some of my random thoughts.

And wishing a happy 21st to myself. 😜

The 3 Defenders of the Nation

My experience in National Service in one of the three uniformed forces responsible for the stability and security of this nation that we live in, has given me a realisation.

The SAF, the SCDF, and the SPF, the three uniformed services that a son or daughter of Singapore could serve in, form the pillars of the nation’s defence policy.

While the SCDF focuses on saving lives such as in fires and accidents, the SPF protects the population from crime and at times, terrorism.

The SAF, on the other hand, puts servicemen through tough military training, which I believe, changes their lives, for the better I would say. I believe so because I’ve seen and heard so many anecdotes of how many people become more disciplined, become physically fitter and mentally stronger. Military service does develop one’s character and keeps one away from vices (except perhaps vulgarities and smoking). Servicemen in full-time national service are not allowed to have new tattoos when they are in service and drug abusers/addicts who are in NS are made to undergo regular urine tests to encourage rehabilitation and kicking the addiction. 

These measures, I believe, transforms lives of national servicemen (from Full-time NS to Operationally-Ready NS or Regular Service). The experiences and memories gained and made during NS would last a lifetime and the lessons learnt could be useful in life after NS.

With that, I thought of what these 3 for es could have for their slogans 🤣:
SAF: “We change/transform lives.”

SCDF: “We save lives.”

SPF: “We protect lives.”


What a horrible way to spend the weekend.

FALLING SICK. Down with cough and cold and a very bad sore throat.

This is a feeling I never want to have again.


it’s when you are ill that you realise the importance of staying healthy, 

it’s when you are tired that you see the importance of rest, 

it’s when you are injured that you know the importance of preventing accidents.

Sometimes, I feel that it is when something has happened that you react to it, defensively.

It’ll be a good idea if we could pre-empt and prevent rather than react to something bad. So that the loss, damage, and cost would always be kept to the minimum, or even eliminated.

That’s all for today. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow, waking up more energised, less lethargic, and of course, less ill.

Monday “yay”

Have been busy with a lot of stuff, and getting easily distracted, such that I tend to forget things.

There’s something that I couldn’t forget.

It was when I watched the news in the morning that I remembered that yesterday was 4 June, the 28th anniversary of the Tiananmen incident/massacre, when the social and political movement turned into a tragedy that would be remembered by people for years to come.

So I read that Hong Kong, as is every year since 1989, held a candlelight session, a commemoration event that mourns the dead and calls for vindication for the victims of this incident.

Hopefully, one day, wounds could be healed, justice would be upheld, and differences would be reconciled.