Seemingly “little” words of kindness, gratitude and encouragement

Thanks. Happy Birthday. Jiayou (加油!)

These words, however effortless they may seem, have such an impact beyond what people usually perceive, and of course, they mean much more especially to me.

These words, however minute or insignificant they may appear to be, could brighten up one’s day. They make one feel that he/she is appreciated, is valued and important (to others) enough to show some concern for him/her. 

They make one feel that he/she is not alone, that he/she is not forgotten or left out, that he/she has friends and ppl who care, that he/she is worthy of living in this world.

There’s would always be a he/She who wants to be counted in/involved in things that done/experienced together with others; he/she who wishes to have friends, especially those who would stay true and sincere, regardless of what happens, until the very end; he/she hopes to have friends who are thoughful enough to do something for him/her, in true and pure friendship.

I concede that true and longlasting friendships are rare, but I don’t believe that it’s that uncommon to have true friends at any point in one’s life.

I myself have came across several, but struggle to maintain them as studies, NS, time and other commitments attempt to diminish them. 

The way to start a friendship, or any other relationship for that matter, always starts with words of kindness, words in which one tries to be nice and friendly, words which start a conversation that would otherwise not be initated.

I’ll always remember, the times when Zhi Wei and Cedric thank me, when Tristan and Jessie encourage me, when Kai En consoles me, when Joel Eb, LTC Low and CPT Ming Xiang ask how I am, when Gladys Aiyo at me falling sick again, when Miss Janell says she believe I could do it (A levels). All these I’ve mentioned are just a handful out of the many kind words I’ve received from some of the many people I hold dearly to my heart, the people who mean the most to me.

Thoughts in my free time,



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