SMUN 2017

So SMUN 2017 ended today.

A wonderful, exciting, and eye-opening experience.

The 4 days spent in Tembusu Learn Lobe had not been in vain; I’ve learned much more about MUN and diplomacy.

So the first day was probably when I was most nervous: that 3 hours in a room with 6  more fellow delegates and 2 chairs (I’m referring to the Dais chairing my cabinet/committee), having to make an opening speech in front of them, having to speak up when fellow members of my “cabinet” refer to me.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to speak up on the first day at all. I had intended to just keep quiet and listen to what the others have to say. However, the opening speech forced me to speak and thus I spoke a little, and then having nothing much to add, went back to silence. But this wasn’t that of a bad start after all, as I spoke a few more times, nervous and stuttering as I spoke, but the thing is, I spoke. That’s good enough for me, for the first day at least.

So Day 2 went as the debate got more intense and more incidents were happening and our newsfeed was constantly being updated with (ice or heart)breaking news. We went to the National Gallery for the socials, where food was (obviously) provided (it’s not socials for nothing). There were also guided tours about the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings that were connected to form this National Gallery, but it was so long and boring that I left the tour probably 10 minutes into 45min-1hr tour. I did passed by the exhibition where the works of Yayoi Kusama were featured, though I didn’t and couldn’t enter the exhibition as there was what seems like an event in progress.

Then came Day 3, where roses (πŸ˜±πŸ€£πŸ˜‚) started being passed around, much like notes that were passed from delegate to delegate. And on that same day itself, I received 3 letters prepared by the crisis team/backroom addressed to my portfolio, National Defence. It was actually quite interesting (and amusing as well) to see that they printed out letters, which were made to look like official government letters, complete with insignia and the font commonly used in detective comp games.

Day 4, the last day. At last, this exhuasting yet fruitful event comes to a close. Feelings of sadness that all things have to end somewhere and at some point in time came through, but it also meant for me a beginning, a start to actually learn more about MUN, to gain more experience, to learn to speak better.

Not forgetting that we have somehow managed to reunify the nation at the end of the last committee session of today and of the whole event, before our last lunch at SMUN 2017, we heaved a sigh of relief *phew* *yay* that we are done with this crisis. This crisis council was certainly not easy, after all, it’s rated 4/4 in terms of difficulty level, comparable to what a UNSC committee would face. 

I’ll remember these interesting characters of my committee:

  • Min. Unification: Elijah, who speaks with an American accent, and is so adept at debating, making speeches, drafting directives, and “warmongering”.
  • Dir. NIS: Jyan, the tall guy who’s always very calm and steady in speaking and addressing the council, the one who knows almost everyone in the org comm and some of the chairs too, the one who received roses from someone via the notepassers.
  • Min. LIT: Ashna, the only lady in the JCC list of delegates, who was also our PM, who speaks like a rights activist, a natural in speaking, the very enthusiastic VJ girl who invite us to come for SMC next year.
  • Min. Strategy&Finance: Joseph, the guy who would always address the council calmly but agitated when we try to touch his funds πŸ˜‚, the guy who was gagged by the chairs, the guy who also received a stalk of rose and was very taken aback, the guy whom one of our chairs tried to joke with. 
  • Min.FA: HaoYang, the smart guy who speaks with a Chinese accent, the guy who “released” an album, who kept pushing me to deploy assets, and also the one messenger and diplomatic channel between our side and the cabinets/committees in the rooms along the aisle.
  • The 2 chairs of ROK cabinet, acting as the Pres: 
  1. Yu Han, the doctor-to-be, tall and seemingly-quiet guy, who had loads of experience in MUNs, whether as chair, delegate, press corps, etc. The guy who appears to be playing (Civ game?) on his computer, the guy whom Joseph asked for help with math, the guy whom I always see taking bringing some food from lunch for his friends in the committee/crisis team/secretariat I suppose.
  2. Stephanie, the very young and conposed chair who looks more outspoken and willing to show more emotions than Yu Han, the chair who watches online videos of cats/rabbits/dogs on her comp (which was displayed on the screen occasionally), the chair who would joke with us a bit more (clapping is not in order 🀣), the experienced MUNer who provided me with feedback and suggestions on how to improve my skills after the closing ceremony, along with Darrell from the backroom.
  • Crisis Director: Christopher Davies, the angmoh with fluffy/curvy hair and speaks English somewhat like a Singaporean chinese, accurate yet informal/casual, funny and interesting guy who always asks for our feedback or grievances (if any) after each day of committee session.

And not to mention that we had a sudden visit by some ppl offering us Red Bull to tide us through the long meetings, someone wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap speaking to us as a rep of the US, etc.

Thanks for the memories!

SMUN 2017, 13-16 June 2017


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