weekend duty…

Was planned for duty today.

Spent my whole day in the ops room with the aircon malfunctioning and the fans down.

Try being in an indoor environment where it’s warm and stuffy.

This is probably the first time I felt that aircon is essential. (only in my current situation)

Meanwhile, I got the time to watch some documentaries about overseas Singaporeans on the Internet.

《稀游记》is a tv programme that showcases the lives of Singaporeans living abroad. It’s a series of meaningful and touching stories of people with purpose, people with a mission. What impressed me particularly was the lengths that Singaporean volunteers would go to in order to reach out to those in need, even if they live far away and up in mountains, which are only accessible by foot (which would take a couple of hours to reach) or at times, a flying fox system to cross a river to reach the family in need.

Another thing that struck me was animal cruelty, when I saw the black bears locked up and abused in the farms, some of which, thankfully, were rescued by volunteers and animal welfare activists. (This happened in the China, where the bears are reared for their bile.)

The different places shown in the documentary also made me feel like travelling overseas to see and experience the world.

okay that’s all for the day. Good night!


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